Richfeel Reviews: 6 Life Changing Hair Treatment Reviews of Richfeel’s Customers

Are treatments at Richfeel safe? Do they actually work? Is it safe to invest in such services? Is there any chance that Richfeel may prove to be a fraud? Should you go ahead or not? Will there be side effects of this treatment? Will I end up losing hair instead of gaining? The confusion is understandable as there are many companies which claim to be the perfect solution to your scalp and hair problem but they are ineffective at best and may even cause more harm than good.

To resolve this dilemma we did research and collected the best reviews we could find over the internet. They will surely help in answering your questions.

Hair Transplant Reviews:

Review by Mr. Bhushan Kad from Pune

“I was suffering from hair loss which was related to a genetic disorder in my family. When I was in my 30’s I started losing hair at a rapid speed which disturbed my normal life. The doctors at Richfeel explained to me that I have to undergo hair transplant which will help to regrow hair on bald patches. To my utter delight I found that the process was almost painless and there were no scars.  I did find that I had to make a couple of visits to the centre but it was time well spent since it helped me to get my confidence back.”

Review by Mr. Rajesh Mohanti from Mumbai

“I work at a bank and due to professional stress, the health of my hair started to deteriorate when I was in my late 20s. The bald patches made me lose my confidence and I felt embarrassed while going for work. As my whole career depends on person-to-person interactions, I was losing my credibility at the office. One of my friends suggested Richfeel anagrow treatment. I am someone who is a little wary of such treatments and thus I researched through the internet for all Richfeel hair transplant reviews and on finding predominantly positive reviews I decided to opt for it.  Today, I am happy customer.”

Review by Mr. Gitesh Gandhi from Delhi

“With the loss of hair, my confidence went down the drain. I was feeling low all the time and it was getting harder for me to face friends and family. Some people may overlook it, but the feeling of being bald at a young age was not acceptable to me. One of my relatives suggested Richfeel treatment where I opted for FUE transplant. The difference is clearly visible and I have regained my confidence. The treatment was slightly above the budget that I had at the time due to some financial constraints but now I do not regret the money spent at all.”

What is Permanent Hair Transplant and how does it work?

Richfeel Hair Transplant is a surgical procedure in which hair from donor area is transplanted on the bald patches on the scalp. The treatment used to be painful and the recovery time was longer than the current treatment. The Aesthetic Hair Implants or AHI is a revolutionary technique used by Richfeel. The technology was brought in India in association with Ailesbury Hair Clinic of London which is the world’s leading company that introduced the ‘Aesthetic Hair Implants- AHI’ technique.

The procedure is simple to understand. The doctor extracts tiny punches of 0.5-0.8mm and places them in the bald patches. The procedure is quick and easy to follow. The doctor can place up to 3000-5000 hair strands in a single sitting which makes it much easier to manage. The healing of the donor area is faster and no scars are visible after recovery. The transplanted hair need moderate care and can be trimmed or cut at regular intervals.

You will be able to dye or shampoo your hair as usual.  The hair grows at an average speed of half a cm per month after 2-3 months of the procedure. The transplant procedure provides high-density end results and has high success rate in comparison to older methods.

Richfeel Hair Treatment reviews:

Ms. Poonam Girhar from Delhi

“After being on bed rest for more than 8 months, the side effect of medicine made my life even more miserable. I started losing hair which didn’t stop even after getting better health wise. I was left with huge bald patches on my scalp which u can easily see from distance. My sister-in-law suggested Richfeel and I am so happy now. I opted for the option after hearing rave Richfeel hair treatment reviews from others too and it did wonders for my confidence. I am really thankful to the doctors at the institute.”

Mr. Gaurav Grover from Pune

“When I shifted to Pune after a job change, I had thick and lush hair but with time and increased stress, I started to lose hair very quickly. Staying away from home and improper nutrition was making the situation even worse. When I came to know about Richfeel, I was reluctant as I have heard many negative stories about similar services. But Richfeel is entirely different. Yes, it was expensive for my pocket but it was worth every paisa. I have regained confidence and living a happy life.”

Ms. Gauri Bansal from Bangalore

“I am facing hair loss since I was 15. It unfortunately affects almost every female in my family. One of my friends from Delhi suggested Richfeel but I refused to try. I was so fed up with so many false claims. However, I kept on hearing positive Richfeel hair treatment reviews from a lot of people and hence I became a little curious. Now it has been 6 months since I got the hair transplant done and there is no comparison between the Richfeel and other service provider. All thanks to Richfeel, I am living with confidence again.”

What should you keep in mind before opting?

Once you have made up your mind for opting for a hair treatment, you should ensure that you are aware of a few things before visiting a Trichologist. A few common questions to ask yourself before you set up your appointment are:

  • How bad is the hair fall?
  • Can you afford such a service?
  • Can you spend dedicated time to the treatment?
  • Can you religiously take the medication and go for appointments on time?
  • Do you have a family history of baldness and hair loss?

These simple questions will help you in handling the queries your trichologist may have for you on the first visit. The answer to these queries will also make it easier for the hair specialist to try and find the ideal hair treatment option for you that suits your needs.  The hair transplant treatments require constant care after the procedure. Though the technology has advanced a lot but you still have to ensure a minimum hair care routine suggested by your doctor.

How should you proceed?

Once you are done with determining your stand about the condition, you should ask a few questions to the trichologist:

  • Whether your condition is treatable or not?
  • Are you are eligible for the treatment considering the health problems (if any)
  • Which procedure will be the best solution for your problem?
  • How much time will the recovery take?
  • What is the overall cost?

Our Opinion

With today’s lifestyles with stress, increasing pollution levels and adulterated food, it is not a surprise that many of us deal with falling, thin and lifeless hair. If you are dealing with bald patches, thinning hair and losing your sleep over it, you must have definitely considered various options like hair treatment and hair transplant. A famous name you must have come across in this arena is Richfeel.

Richfeel, started their journey in India in 1986 when their founding members, Dr.Apporva Shah and Dr.Sonal Shah brought the latest technologies in hair and scalp treatment to the country. The venture started as a salon-based consulting but the duo kept their focus on hair treatment research and their treatments have become quite popular. However, it is understandable that even though Richfeel is such a big brand you may have scores of questions on the efficacy and value of money of such treatments.

Well, fret not; we are here to clear your dilemma. Our team, reached out to various people through social media and sites such as Quora to bring to you Richfeel reviews from people who actually opted for their treatment. They also did a thorough internet based research and even personally interacted with a few people. After receiving overall positive response for Richfeel reviews; we can safely recommend the same to our readers.

We also suggest that you should check some more specific reviews of Richfeel treatments on various forums, especially about the specific treatment options suggested for you. Always ensure that you opt for well-known names like Richfeel to ensure most effective treatments.

Let us know your experience with Richfeel in the comments below.

One thought on “Richfeel Reviews: 6 Life Changing Hair Treatment Reviews of Richfeel’s Customers”

  1. Richfeel services are effective, I was very much skeptical before approaching them, but after hearing a lot of reviews from my fellows and colleagues, I went ahead. But the only draw back is that it is costly, I some how managed to complete my treatment (since I was in a need of one) but felt the pricing could have been low.


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