Mr. Vinay Nakhwa – Hairfall Treatment Review

Mr. Vinay Nakhwa, an aircraft service engineer with Air India is 46 years old.

He started losing hair at the age of 36.

He initially opted for allopathic treatment and also took medicines.

However, nothing seemed to help. He then approached Richfeel and opted for a transplant.

The doctor was extremely friendly and gave confidence to him.

He took minor precautions like wearing a cap for 7 days.

He saw visible results in 4 months and his peers could not recognize him.

He is now a confident individual and strongly recommends Richfeel to near and dear ones. Richfeel’s Hair Treatment reviews of his friends are also available.


Author: richfeelreviews

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One thought on “Mr. Vinay Nakhwa – Hairfall Treatment Review”

  1. I was facing severe hair problem which was hair loss as well as the dandruff.I took the treatment at Richfeel regularly and got my problem solved.I really thank richfeel for giving my hair quality back.I recommend everyone to go at Richfeel and get the Hair treatment.


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