Moisendra N reviews Richfeel’s Hair Transplant Service

Moisendra N, started losing hair due to professional stress and extensive traveling.

He initially opted for homeopathic treatments, however, all efforts were in vain.

He then opted for Richfeel Hair Treatment as a result of which he experienced great results.

Hair thinning and hair-fall was reduced to a great extent and he gained a new found confidence.  He is no longer scared of travelling.

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Author: richfeelreviews

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One thought on “Moisendra N reviews Richfeel’s Hair Transplant Service”

  1. One of my friend recommended me Richfeel for my Hair loss problem. I was tired by trying all the treatment.But then i visited the Richfeel center. The staff was so polite and co-operative.The doctor understood my problem very well and gave me the required treatment. That treatment was very effective and my problem got solved finally.I thank richfeel for getting by Hair back.


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