Customer Reviews

Mr. Vinay Nakhwa – Hairfall Treatment Review

Mr. Vinay Nakhwa, an aircraft service engineer with Air India is 46 years old.

He started losing hair at the age of 36.

He initially opted for allopathic treatment and also took medicines.

However, nothing seemed to help. He then approached Richfeel and opted for a transplant.

The doctor was extremely friendly and gave confidence to him.

He took minor precautions like wearing a cap for 7 days.

He saw visible results in 4 months and his peers could not recognize him.

He is now a confident individual and strongly recommends Richfeel to near and dear ones. Richfeel’s Hair Treatment reviews of his friends are also available.


Ms. Sonali Champanekar – Richfeel’s Hairfall Treatment Review

Ms. Sonali Champanekar, a homemaker, was scared when she started facing extensive hair loss.

She tried all possible at-home remedies before turning to Richfeel.

She opted for Anagrow treatment to cure her of hair thinning.

She describes Richfeel as a blessing and she has chosen to continue the treatment even though she has attained the desired results.

She strongly recommends others to try Richfeel and see the difference for themselves.

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Mr. Mukesh Dubey – Hairfall problems

Mr. Mukesh Dubey was facing hairloss due to hairfall.

He took to Anagrow after doing a certain amount of online research on reviews for Richfeel’s Hair treatment. 

The results have been satisfactory and he would rate the overall experience that he has had with Richfeel as 4 out of 5.

He has also recommended 3 of his relatives for Richfeel’s Hair Treatment.

Mr. Harshad Mistry – Hairfall and Dandruff problems

Mr. Harshad Mistry was facing hairfall issues due to dandruff.

He opted for Anagrow Hair treatment by Richfeel
and saw significant results in 3-4 months.

He says that the staff at Richfeel is the friendliest he has ever come across.

He has referred many of his friends as well. Here is what they have to say about Richfeel’s Anagrow Hair Treatment.

Richfeel also offers maintenance tips that go a long way in helping cure hair related problems.



Landrick Pinto : Anagrow Hair Treatment Review

Landrick Pinto, an investment banker, turned to Richfeel when he experienced extensive hairfall and itching due to dandruff.

He has been associated with Richfeel for several years and vouches for its services.

He says that one must be regular with Anagrow treatment.

It must not be left mid way lest the hairfall should come back.

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Moisendra N reviews Richfeel’s Hair Transplant Service

Moisendra N, started losing hair due to professional stress and extensive traveling.

He initially opted for homeopathic treatments, however, all efforts were in vain.

He then opted for Richfeel Hair Treatment as a result of which he experienced great results.

Hair thinning and hair-fall was reduced to a great extent and he gained a new found confidence.  He is no longer scared of travelling.

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